Monday, November 7, 2011

the History of Mia


A friend of mine mentioned to me last week about "that girl you always draw".   Well this is Mia.  She's been the mascot and the namesake of my URL since about 1992 or 93.  I wasn't able to produce the first ever drawing I made of her, but that dreadful pic on the far left is an indicator of where my drawing interests were at the time.  Sure, there's a story with her, but I don't really try to tell it like I do with other characters.  She just seems to grow right along with me as I try to get better with art. 

1 comment:

  1. It's interesting, looking at people I admire, to see that almost all of them (and really, same as me) started with anime as our first step to making art.
    I guess it's because it's easy to pick up. But, eventually, you want your art to grow beyond the "pretty people with bad hair" label.
    Good job on your improvement of almost 20 years, and here's to another 20.