Thursday, February 16, 2012

2D Digital Art Guide Artist Directory

My long-time buddy Sonny has been working hard on his artist resource page for a few years now.   Recently, he has started

up an artist directory geared towards seriously promoting those who are looking to sell their work and services so potential

clientel. This is a free directory.

I recently filled in the submission form and this is the page as it would look:

If you or any artist you know would be interested, these are guidelines to help you in how to promote yourself. To get the

most out of this, be as descriptive as possible and really think about how you would sell your craft.  Sonny will make a

very detailed business profile of you featuring your work  :

Tell us about yourself! What is your name, title, and background of you and your business?

What types of art related genre/styles do you or your business specialize in?

What art related solutions or services you or your business can offer based on your specialization and field of expertise?

What are the valuable customer related experiences that you or your business can add to your profile? How will you go that

‘extra’ mile for your clients?

What are your rates and methods of payment do you accept that is convenient to your customers? Do you have any special

offers or rebates you can suggest?

Know your audience! What is your selling point and how will it BENEFIT them?

Finally, how will your customers contact you? If you have a local business or website, where is it located?

**Be sure to include up to 4 of your best works that best exemplify what you do**

You can find the submission page here:

Again this is a free page and there's nothing wrong with any kind of promotion for your work.   Spread the word to anyone

you think could use the exposure!

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